Monday, November 05, 2007

Manticore XIV: Illuminati drawing nearer

Tension is mounting as this week will end in Manticore XIV: Illuminati. The team is working great and at this moments we are ready for a smooth start of the game.
For me it's always a small bit stressfull as I need to make sure we don't forget anything. Luckily the gamearea is 3 minutes riding from our stock, so if we forget anything we can quickly go fetch it.
I'm looking forward to it. Almost more than a year since last full-weekend Manticore. Our players are getting very anxious :)

Lord of the Rings fanfilm

Not really larp, but while surfing the net I found the following clip:

It's a fan film about the father of Aragorn, Arathorn.

The trailer was filmed in 2006 and was just a test. For a test the result looks awesome.
I'm also curious about the costumes, I might be able to 'steal' some ideas for larp costumes :-).

More info on :