Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Caege Renaissance 2 coming weekend

Next weekend it's Larp time again, Caege Renaissance.
This is one of the many larps that vzw Oneiros runs in Belgium.
In this Larp I play a Wood Elf who is a craftsman. Caege is one of the few Larps in Belgium that tries to go for more roleplaying than fighting. At their first event I saw 2 fights during the whole weekend, while normally a larp in Belgium has a least 6 fights per weekend.
While I love the roleplaying aspect of the game I'm still abit saddened that so many good roleplayers with excellent costumes still tend to use bright plastic eating utensils. At my current Larp (Manticore) plastic is forbidden and for the upcoming Banapsis the eating utensils must be 100% authentic looking. I hope that in the future Caege will have 100% authentic feel.
The one thing that I really hate at Caege is the need to find a teacher during the game for every stupid little skill. Last time I spent almost my whole event trying to look for a tanner. I do hope that they get rid of that rule and only have teachers for the special skills.

PS: I have opened the leaving of comments to everybody.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Banapsis location scouting

Yesterday I went on a location scouting for the Banapsis larp.
I found the location using Google Earth's satellite images.
I will of course not say where the scouting took place, but this scouting gave me the feeling that we found a very suitable terrain for Banapsis, it's almost a 2000ha big forest that can be closed for public access.
In the coming weeks I'll check with the landowners if we can use it for Banapsis. I'll post an entry in this blog the moment that I get a confirmation that we can use it.
While wandering through the forest I felt the same feeling I had when I was in the forest of Dragonbane.
So it's now fingers crossed :-)
And here are some pictures of the forest

All pictures © Jeremy Naus

Maelstrom pictures

Here below are some pictures of the Maelstrom event.

This is Roos (IC: Lizzy) and Kristof (IC: Robert) before my tent.

This is me (IC: Arutha) stepping out of the tent

And this last one is again Roos and Kristof

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Manticore 13.5: Reisgenoten

Last weekend the one day event of Manticore (which is the larp I've been running for some 7 years now) took place.
The event was actually a hiking trip through the Belgian Ardennes (our mountain range).
The idea was that during the event we actually simulated the trip player-characters normally take during two events
In total people walked for about 7 hours with about 30 minutes of break for lunch.
This was our first try at such an event and while we made some errors (e.g. game started 2 hours too late) it was considered a big success by the participants.
We are thinking of organising more such events in the future.
One drawback of a Manticore right after Maelstrom is Belgians still tend to come to our events without proper IC clothes. I was really embarrassed when one of our npc's came with blue jeans. Luckily he was only a monster during the game. I'm thinking of having some 'penalties' for people who don't wear correct IC clothes, but I'll have to think about it some more.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back from the Maelstrom

Last weekend I was in the UK for the Maelstrom larp.
For two of my friends it was their first UK event, they liked it a lot. Especially the high dress standard of the game was well received by them.
With our players group "Morgan Enterprises" we started a 'restaurant' were we sold (for IC money) food. We were very popular and hopefully our group will be able to use the earned money to pay of the IC debts we have.
What I also like about Maelstrom is that their skills are more oriented to do things between the games, that gives the game also a tactical part. Where the game itself is the diplomatic (or militaristic) part of the whole game.
We also had a drawing made of me and my friends. I'm of course the tall guy on the left :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Maelstrom, UK

Tomorrow morning I'll be driving to the UK for the Maelstrom Larp.
It's a Larp set in a renaissance fantasy setting where people are colonising the New World (a bit like the colonisation of America).
What I like about this game is the rather high dress standard and the real metal money used in the game (there are about 6 different currencies with each currency having 6 different coins).
The one thing that I don't like is the fact that the high standards are only on costumes, not gear like tents and the like. Still, modern tents have to be put in the OOC area. In the IC area only medieval style tents are allowed (although some people do bent the rules somewhat).
I'll see that I'll post some pics when I'm back.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

First entry

In this blog I'll be talking about my views on Larp (Live Action Role Playing).
I'll give examples on what I find good about current Larps I play in and what I find bad about it.
I'll also will give some hints to my new Larp project called Banapsis.