Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Caege Renaissance 2 coming weekend

Next weekend it's Larp time again, Caege Renaissance.
This is one of the many larps that vzw Oneiros runs in Belgium.
In this Larp I play a Wood Elf who is a craftsman. Caege is one of the few Larps in Belgium that tries to go for more roleplaying than fighting. At their first event I saw 2 fights during the whole weekend, while normally a larp in Belgium has a least 6 fights per weekend.
While I love the roleplaying aspect of the game I'm still abit saddened that so many good roleplayers with excellent costumes still tend to use bright plastic eating utensils. At my current Larp (Manticore) plastic is forbidden and for the upcoming Banapsis the eating utensils must be 100% authentic looking. I hope that in the future Caege will have 100% authentic feel.
The one thing that I really hate at Caege is the need to find a teacher during the game for every stupid little skill. Last time I spent almost my whole event trying to look for a tanner. I do hope that they get rid of that rule and only have teachers for the special skills.

PS: I have opened the leaving of comments to everybody.

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Vince said...

I find the need for a teacher rather stimulating and better for the roleplaying, though it can be frustrating if you don't find the teacher you're looking for or it turns out it's a person you don't have any business with ingame.
The nex rule of writing stories is not really a good one but solves the problem of teachers a bit.

Vince (yes i found your blog Jerm ;-)