Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Caege Renaissance 2 was great

Last weekend I again became Findulas Lasgalen, a woodelf of the Lasgalen clan from Kell'terrah. Caege Renaissance (CR) takes place in a fantastic Europe set in the Renaissance period. The world thus looks like Europe, but with different names and the addition of the Fantasy element.

Kell'Terrah is actually Scotland, so we talk our English (aka the Elven tongue) with a Scottish accent (or what we think a Scottish accent is :-) ).
In this larp we are not the kind of Elves that don't come out of the forest. We mix with the humans and use sign languages to make them understand what we mean. We enjoy live and love to watch pretty girls (at least my Findulas does, the other two Elves might not do that :-) ).

As said in my last post, in CR you need to find a teacher for every silly little skill you want to learn. This event I had an idea what I'd be going for, but that all changed when I was so badly wounded I ended up on the surgeon's bed. Since Findulas is already proficient in the making and repairing of softleather clothes I was interested in how the surgeon sew me up (I drank lots of alchohol (IC and OOC :-) ) in order to be a little immune to the pain :-) ). I talked a lot with the surgeon and ended this event with the basic surgeon skill. So I'm now also able to stitch up people :-).

The overall feel of the weekend was superb, I managed to stay IC most of the time, mostly got pulled out OOC by OOC talk of other participants. I also had a great talk with my friend Nico (IC: Yorrick Monroe of the clan Monroe of Monroe Island), he's actually thinking of buying some IC shoes and making himself some IC underwear. Just got to say: that's the spirit :-)
The only thing I didn't like at CR was the photographers in modern clothes and the fact that it was a public domain and due to the excellent weather about 15-ish tourists were there.

Pictures ©Kris Bultereys (kris.bultereys at gmail dot com)

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