Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Most memorable Dragonbane moment

This time I'll tell you my most memorable Dragonbane moment, a moment that I've never experienced during any other larp before and after Dragonbane.

It happened during the 3rd day of Dragonbane. In the village Cinderhill people were getting more and more afraid of what the Dragon (their former protector) would do when it found out that the villagers had used the whole Dragon's treasure to buy extra food for the village over the years.
When evening came the villagers believed that the Dragon would come that night to claim all the children of the village as repayment. I and 2 other Dragontamers opposed the sacrifice of the children and we promised we would keep watch over the children. If the Dragon came we would take them to the forest where the Dragon would have a hard time to find us.
So when night came we went to the children, we prepared food for them and since they were clearly scared (very good roleplay of those children!) we told them stories of our adventures to make them less scared. It felt very satisfying that during our stories the children's eyes started to shine with excitement. When the children started to fall asleep we gave them our own sheepskins to sleep on and use as blankets1.
During the night we talked amongst ourselves about the Dragon threat, to where we would go in the forest and such. When it was getting really late one of us went to sleep while the other two kept watch. After a couple of hours we woke the one asleep and another would get to sleep some hours. We continued this until it was morning and we were certain the Dragon would not come that night.

The story just told really made me feel the hero of stories. We didn't get much sleep (we really did a 24hour watch), we made sure the children were safe, we kept the fire going (it was very cold at night) and we told them stories to make them less scared. Especially when their eyes started to shine when they listened to our stories made me feel the hero ;-)

Moments like this are what I want to recreate with Banapsis, such moments are what I want Larp to be.

As always comments are welcome, you might even tell me what your most memorable Larp moment was.

1 as tamers we were obliged by the organisation that everything we would need we should be able to carry ourselves, since as adventurers without horses everything we need is carried by us, this included sleeping gear. I had 4 sheepskins sewn together as a mattress (I could roll it up and fix with IC strips to hang from my shoulder) and another huge sheepskin that I used as cloak was used as blanket.

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