Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oneiros, rejoice

A couple of weeks ago I posted a topic that I had mixed feelings about the direction that Oneiros was about to undertake.
Well, since yesterday I'm no longer having mixed feelings. The faith that I've had in the new president (and the 2 new board members) has already been rewarded.
People, it is my feeling that the downward spiral has been stopped! :-) If we keep up working as we started yesterday I believe that in a year from now Oneiros, will be both a better and stronger (both financially and organisationally) association than it ever was.
The road ahead will still contain some bumps, but with the good driver we now have behind the wheel we will be able to travel this road.
Let's raise our pint of beer to the new direction Oneiros is heading for.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Dragonbane the Legacy

Two weeks ago the Dragonbane book was put online. Last week I received a printed copy along with a DVD containing photo's of the game itself.
I must say that they did a thorough job in the book. It contains all the good and bad things that happened with Dragonbane. They tell about their vision, what they achieved, where they went wrong etc.
All in all a very good book for everyone who wants to organise a Larp.
Here's the link to the book:
I'm also very happy to find a picture of myself in the book(page 25, top picture, 2nd from the left) as this is the only one of me at Dragonbane. Now I can proof I was there :-)

All this makes me dream of going back to Sweden and have a larp at that site. As the village that was made for Dragonbane is still there.