Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oneiros, rejoice

A couple of weeks ago I posted a topic that I had mixed feelings about the direction that Oneiros was about to undertake.
Well, since yesterday I'm no longer having mixed feelings. The faith that I've had in the new president (and the 2 new board members) has already been rewarded.
People, it is my feeling that the downward spiral has been stopped! :-) If we keep up working as we started yesterday I believe that in a year from now Oneiros, will be both a better and stronger (both financially and organisationally) association than it ever was.
The road ahead will still contain some bumps, but with the good driver we now have behind the wheel we will be able to travel this road.
Let's raise our pint of beer to the new direction Oneiros is heading for.


Vince said...

We'll see...

Jeremy said...

Indeed we'll need to see what the future brings. But the new fresh wind that goes around in the board of Oneiros has raised my hopes.
They'll just need to continue with the taken direction :-)

Bossie said...

How awesome it is to see politics almost ruining a perfectly nice hobby...

As far as the obligatory membership goes: 10€ ain't really that much even if it only helps in letting oneiros survive. And on top of that: first timers get a 10€ discount on their first larp, so they don't really pay anything for the membership.

But err, any location where Joe the plumber can read up on the cliff notes of the meeting?