Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's been quiet for a long time.

It's been some time since I've updated this blog. This does not mean that nothing special happened, it just means that I was too busy with a lot of things.

Of all the things that I've been doing to following are noteworthy:
- we've got a crew for Calam II (with at least 4 people working on scenario :-) )
- my character in Saga joined the Deathwind (i.e. the undead) against his will :-( (but the event in itself was  G R E A T ) => I'll need to create a new character
- Manticore XVI is coming closer (december), subscriptions are running good and the team is getting ready for a super weekend.
- I'm collecting articles for an upcoming online (pdf and free) Larp magazine, Cloak & Dagger. The first issue is set for January 2009 and if everybody delivers on time it will be well filled magazine.

I'll see that I'll post some pictures of Dragonbane here to make up for all the missed Pictures of the Month.
For the rest keep on larping and keep on posting comments :-)

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