Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Well it's more than time for an update :-)
Manticore 16 is right in front of us. Only a couple of days to go and people can be back in Mythandir, the mystical world of Manticore.
The team is prepared and ready, if all goes as planned it'll be a great one :-)

Next on the list is an update on Calam.
We are building a strong team for the next event. Main scenario theme is set and we now need to fill it out and add extra's to give a boost to this young event. We've listened to all the feedback we got and are set to create a great event and wonderfull experience.

In my last post I promised pictures from Dragonbane, well here is the first one. (Copyright for this picture lies with www.dragonbane.org). Click on it for larger version, can you find me?