Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Caege Renaissance VI and new trailer

I've updated the previous trailer for Calam II - Dawn, go check it out at www.calam.eu

Last weekend it was Caege Renaissance and it left me with mixed feelings.
On one side I enjoyed myself while on another side I was sometimes frustrated and even bored.

One reason for this might be that we were with two Elves and that neither of us could speak the human language => very little interaction will all the other players.
We even sometimes hear that on Caege Elves are so passé, but I don't believe as if they really don't want Elves they would not let us have the choice to play them.
I think one frustration was that we had little to do: nothing happened in the forest (which we did check out), our skills (repairing wood and leather armour) were not often used as Caege knows little fighting.
But I foresaw our inactivity so I brought along some work that I could do during the game (i.e. carving a walking stick).
But the thing that most frustrated me was the amount of participatns (i.e. crew/pc/npc) running in OOC clothes around the game area. I just don't understand how people think it's OK. It's not that difficult to grab some IC clothes and follow-up on plots in the game.
Sometimes I think people should participate in a larp where everything really is 100% IC and everybody (even crew) walks in IC clothes around. The difference is huge, but it's difficult to get this across if people have only experienced larps where most of the crew walks OOC around.
Dragonbane in Sweden really opened my eyes on this problem.

In the end Caege was an OK larp with excellent food so I'll be waiting for the next one. I just hope we'll be there with more Elves :-)