Monday, September 08, 2008

Dragonbane the Legacy

Two weeks ago the Dragonbane book was put online. Last week I received a printed copy along with a DVD containing photo's of the game itself.
I must say that they did a thorough job in the book. It contains all the good and bad things that happened with Dragonbane. They tell about their vision, what they achieved, where they went wrong etc.
All in all a very good book for everyone who wants to organise a Larp.
Here's the link to the book:
I'm also very happy to find a picture of myself in the book(page 25, top picture, 2nd from the left) as this is the only one of me at Dragonbane. Now I can proof I was there :-)

All this makes me dream of going back to Sweden and have a larp at that site. As the village that was made for Dragonbane is still there.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, well... the village is there - kind of. Three friends of mine went there earlier this year (or was it 2007? - not sure). And they saw a place in almost, if not complete decay: Roofing gone with the wind, rotted walls, dragonhead left to the elements and damage to the fundaments of one of the houses.

It may still *be* there, but probably not for long.

Unknown said...

Hi, just wanted to say the Friends of Cinderhill association is making an effort this summer to fix the village.

Webpages about the project coming soon

Tiina Kuustie alias Trina