Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Larp and IC fora

These days it's unthinkable to imagine a world without the internet.
The same goes with a larp without an IC forum.
In some larps the forum is used as a place where the players can have IC chats with their IC friends. But I'm seeing more larps using the IC forum as a place to undertake actions that can have big impact on the Larp itself.

I personally use the Manticore IC forum only to fill the gap between larps, but the actions taken on the forum are mostly without consequence on the Larp itself (unless the PC makes bold statements or such).
But now there are some larps that have e.g. a whole court action going on at their IC forum instead of having that whole scene on the larp itself. Personally I find that such a thing is becoming more a form of online-forum-rpg instead of a larp forum.
People who don't read the game forum (and there are plenty of those) can not follow that said court action and thus miss out on a part of the larp. In the end this can result in a lot of actions having happened in the larp world which only happened on the IC Forum. The result is that those who don't visit the IC forum may find the next larp event in a totally different setting.

Personally I find that a wrong direction, but what are your idea's on larp and IC forum, what is your opinion in how far one should be able to go on the IC forum? Let me know via the comments.


Anonymous said...

I agree. It is difficult enough to write up enough plot to fill a LARP weekend. Everything you could make happen on the weekend itself, you should. This way everyone can enjoy it.

just my 2 cents,

Stefan B

Chaotic Dutch Weirdo said...

I think it is sometimes unavoidable but it should be tried to avoid as much as possible (still with me ? :))

Bossie said...

For me IC stuff happening on Forums must have impact on the LARP itself. However it's up to the admins & the GM's (what's in a name) to make sure that nothing to major happens.
On the other hand, it's an awesome tool to distribute certain hints & teasers and as such the people that don't read it will always be in disadvantage.

But indeed, try to put ALL IC stuff that affects the entire group into the weekend instead of the forum...