Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Got girls interested in Larp

On monday I was at a birthday party of one of my friends (Evelien). One of my Larp friends (Kristof) was also there and at one time we started talking about Larp. Some friends of Evelien got really interested in the concept and asked me to keep them informed. I was amazed how well they received it, cause if they come to play at e.g. Manticore that means at least 5 extra female NPC's (who are rather good looking :-) ).
So I'll see that I'll be able to get them to participate in Manticore. Only problem is that Manticore does tend to have lots of fighting going on and girls generally don't like that. That means I'll have to talk Vince (scenario guru of Manticore) into making the plot also girl-friendly :-)

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kleine said...

yes, so as said that my mother is coming with a wife for me, i would like to choose one of them to be my mother and one to be my wife :)