Monday, May 14, 2007

My vision about Banapsis

Last time I talked about my reasons for starting the new Larp project Banapsis. But while giving the reason I actually didn't say anything about what I tried to change in Manticore.
With Banapsis I want to make the participants start to believe that they are really living in the world that we will create during the Banapsis event.
I already hear someone say: it's not possible. Well sorry to disappoint you, but it is, I and many others had that feeling during the Dragonbane larp. During many moments of the Dragonbane larp I actually thought I was really walking in the world of Dragonbane.

This was accomplished thanks to a simple rule: What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). If everything you see actually looks real (or even better is real) then you have less trouble being you character. You no longer have to 'imagine' that there is no car, the car won't be there in the first place!

WYSIWYG is the easiest way to describe my vision of Banapsis: make everything inside the game area look real: IC sleeping area, IC sleeping gear, IC eating kit, IC costume (including shoes and underwear), ...
One other important item of my vision is: STAY IN CHARACTER! I just hate it that in most larps I play people start to talk about OOC stuff, now when I hear OOC talk I just leave that group of people, their OOC talk also takes me OOC while I keep trying to stay IC for the whole event (I only succeeded in that at Dragonbane).
Next in my vision is the game system. There I apply the following simple rule: make the system support the game, not make it more complicated. For this I believe the best game system is the following: Freeform, i.e. if others believe what you do, then you can do it. This means: NO SKILLS!
Example of simple freeform: you want to heal someone (remember there is NO healing skill), you take some bandages (in your hand you hide a small flask with fake blood), while pressing the bandages on the wounded person you pour a small bit (or large depending on the wound) of fake blood on the wound. You are now roleplaying that you are cleaning the wound, next you take some thread and needle and you roleplay that you are stitching the wound. After that you use your bandages to wrap the wound tight. If the others believe your roleplaying of the treatment of the wound then it succeeds, if not it doesn't work, you might even have made it worse (depending on the roleplay of the wounded person).

Next time more about how we plan to make it affordable for people to fit our vision (yes, IC shoes can be found at prices as cheap as 30 euro).

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