Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why Banapsis?

One of the questions some of you will ask is why am I creating a new larp, aren't there enough already?
You are correct there are a lot of larps, but most are exactly the same in a different wrapping. With Banapsis I not only want to change the wrapping, I want to completely change what's inside.

It all started in 2005 when I went to Sweden to help out in the Dragonbane larp. They were actually building a medieval style village in the middle of nowhere just for a larp! Talking there to the organisers and volunteers, like myself, made me realise there is so much more to larp than what we do here in Belgium. In 2006 it was playtime for Dragonbane and while it wasn't perfect it made such a big impression on me that to this date (more than 6 months later) I'm still in post-Dragonbane rehab.

As some might already know I already run a larp in Belgium, Manticore. When I first came back from Sweden in 2005 I tried to change Manticore to what I heard of from the Swedes/Danes/Fins/... but I only half succeeded. The reason for this is that Manticore is a running larp (started somewhere in 2000) and people don't like it when the concept changes in midways. So I only changed the stuff that was accepted by the participants. Most important of those changes where the (partly) abolition of Time-Stop moments (battleboarding in the UK).

So, since I couldn't bring the Dragonbane atmosphere to Belgium via Manticore I started a new project, Banapsis.

Next time more on my vision of Banapsis.

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