Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back from the Maelstrom

Last weekend I was in the UK for the Maelstrom larp.
For two of my friends it was their first UK event, they liked it a lot. Especially the high dress standard of the game was well received by them.
With our players group "Morgan Enterprises" we started a 'restaurant' were we sold (for IC money) food. We were very popular and hopefully our group will be able to use the earned money to pay of the IC debts we have.
What I also like about Maelstrom is that their skills are more oriented to do things between the games, that gives the game also a tactical part. Where the game itself is the diplomatic (or militaristic) part of the whole game.
We also had a drawing made of me and my friends. I'm of course the tall guy on the left :)

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