Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Manticore 13.5: Reisgenoten

Last weekend the one day event of Manticore (which is the larp I've been running for some 7 years now) took place.
The event was actually a hiking trip through the Belgian Ardennes (our mountain range).
The idea was that during the event we actually simulated the trip player-characters normally take during two events
In total people walked for about 7 hours with about 30 minutes of break for lunch.
This was our first try at such an event and while we made some errors (e.g. game started 2 hours too late) it was considered a big success by the participants.
We are thinking of organising more such events in the future.
One drawback of a Manticore right after Maelstrom is Belgians still tend to come to our events without proper IC clothes. I was really embarrassed when one of our npc's came with blue jeans. Luckily he was only a monster during the game. I'm thinking of having some 'penalties' for people who don't wear correct IC clothes, but I'll have to think about it some more.

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