Friday, June 22, 2007

The rules also apply to the organisers

That is one of the most important rule of Banapsis. Whatever rule we set upon our participants will also be followed by the organisers.
One of those rules will be that fabric of the costumes must be natural, that means no synthetic fabric. There are a number of reasons for this; one is that synthetic fabric is not really authentic to the look we want to achieve, but the most important reason is that Banapsis will have open fires (aka campfires). Since people will cook at those fires their clothes will come close to the fire. Synthetic fabric will melt and possible burn the flesh under it (I once had it happen to me, so I learned that lesson the hard way).
So now that we have 400m of fabric I checked them out and it seems that there are a few synthetic fabrics amongst them, not that many, but still these fabrics will not be used by us in Banapsis. So now that we removed those fabrics we still have a rather big amount of fabric. The coming weeks will be spend making costume designs and making the costumes themselves.
As said before, we won't open our website unless we have at least one costume of each race/faction.

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