Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Great weekend

Last weekend brought us Manticore XV: Thanatos. It was a stressfull event to organise but only due to the fact that we only had access to the buildings at Friday noon (normally we have access on Thursday evening). But luckily the crew was used to working under stress and in the end the stress was almost non existant.
According to the feedback we're getting it was considered even better as Manticore XIV (which was considered one of the best, if not the best). This of course makes the team very proud and in fact the Great Storyteller (Vince) has already started on the script of Manticore XVI.

With Manticore XV we also started the promo of my new larp: Calam. Calam is a new kind of larp in Belgium (as far as I know at least). It has no 'on paper skills' that can be used during the game. Everything is via roleplay (besides some small exceptions). First feedback of the site ( is very positive, so I do hope we'll get a lot of participants.

Later this week I'll post some pictures of Manticore XV that I took

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