Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saga and Calam

Last weekend brought us the next episode of the Saga larp. This is a larp set in a medieval arabic world. They manage to get the mix in fighting and role-play perfect so that people who don't want to fight find their pleasure in the role-play and vice versa :-).
Although it snowed, hailed and rained it was an excellent larp. It made me forget that I missed out on the first Maelstrom of the year.
If you like a larp with mystery, eastern influence and great food then look for Saga.

It's now also more than a month that we started promoting Calam and the feedback is still very positive. Interest is growing and the subscriptions have started. Although we still need to clarify some rules we are getting close to the completely finished website.
First costumes are looking good and the first potential partners are responding well.

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