Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Calam was great :-)

Two weeks ago the next installment of Calam ran. While we had some drawbacks with people having to skip this event (due to an abundance of larps going on in September), the event itself was great.
People liked our approach for this event and the fact that the inn had a real feel was wel appreciated.
The real feel was one of the main items that I wanted to test this event. We had decorated the inn to make it look good and real, and then we provided service to make it feel good.

Ordering food was done by asking the barkeeper of the waitress for food. They would go into the kitchen, fill a bowl on serve it at the table. No more queing and doing dishes as all other Belgian larps (that I know) ask of the participant. No, we went for the real deal :-)

There were of course some things that could go better, we had this time somewhat more fights than during past events, but everybody agreed that they fit the world. But we'll see how we can dimish them and keep the Calam athmosphere that people are liking.

In the meantime all of the crew is in favor for running 2 events per year, so keep out an eye for 2 events starting 2012.
I'll see that I'll post some pictures this weekend.

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