Monday, August 27, 2007

In search for a terrain

Last week we went to the Wallonian department of Nature in order to see if we could use a part of one of the largest forest in Belgian (2000ha big) for Banapsis. Sadly we were turned down, due to the fact that our event would disrupt natural life in the forest. Certainly since all the forest life is already disrupted during hunting season.
This again shows that larp in Belgium really needs a dedicated terrain where people acknowledge that we are certainly not more disruptive than hunting :-).
Anyway, using Google satellite maps we are again looking into nice big forests for Banapsis. We've found a few that in 1st instance look good, so we'll have to check them out in real life.
Also our trip to the Wallonian department was not a real loss, we were given info about magazines wherein we might advertise to ask private property owners to let us use (in exchange for a fee) their forest. But the department people did state that chances in success with this approach would be minimal :-(
So if anyone reading this blog has a forest of at least 20ha let us know, we need to talk :-)

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