Monday, September 24, 2007

Time for an update

While I've been rather quiet in the Blog-sphere I've been rather busy in the Real World. In the beginning of September I went back to the UK for the last Maelstrom of the year. Again it was a great larp and I met some new people who made the weekend a fun one to be. Each night we visited other groups' IC bars and as a bard I got free vodka's in the Cossack Bar (they have great games in Cossack bar, like crotch game :-) )

For Banapsis we are still looking for terrains, but I got a meeting planned the coming weeks for a possible terrain.

In the mean time I'm making a lot of new costumes and a scale-mail for Manticore (most costumes will also be usable for Banapsis), 'cause since our last mini-event we crossed the border and are now in Marksgraaf (think Rohan). So we need some costumes that fit the Celtic/Norse culture that they have in Marksgraaf. I hope that my scale-mail will be done by beginning November.

And yes, I'll see that I hold a new photo shoot to finally put another image on the Banapsis website. And yes, I'll do my best to put someone else in front of the camera :-)

Till next time.

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