Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy new year

I may have been quiet of late, but I've been busy. :-)
In this new year I'll be having some surprises in Larp land. At his moment I'm working very hard on a new mass-larp concept and there is of course Manticore.
Manticore 15 is just around the corner on 15-17th of February 2008. I personally hope that the new Oneiros rule (only members are allowed to participate) will not mean less participants. At this moment with just a little more than 1 month to go we only have 60 participants while Manticore 14 had around 110 participants. In any case we will keep on working to have a larp without Time-stop moments to note battle-damage (which is a pretty unique concept in Flanders as far as I know) and to keep a rather high visual realism standard.

In the meantime I hope we will have some time to improve our briefing movie clips.

Talking about movie clips, below is a teaser of another Lord of the Rings fanfilm: The Hunt For Gollum. It tells the story of the hunt of Aragorn for Gollum. The teaser looks and sounds very promising.

1 comment:

Vince said...

Let us hope so!

However, less playes means less people to entertain. means less incomes. Means less money for Oneiros.

I just hope we will have enough NPCs. :-(