Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Picture of the month

Before this month is gone I have a new picture of the month.
This time it's not a recent one, but one from the good ol' days.

This is one of the last Caege, before it was called "Caege Renaissance". It's the last image where there were a lot of Elves in a Larp. After this larp there never came one where there were a lot of player Elves.
Most people know that I like to play an Elf and I find it a bit sad that there are so little larps with a lot of Elf players. In "Caege Renaissance" I started with 2 friends as Elves and we had great fun, but those 2 friends now no longer play an Elf and I haven't been participating some time now. Hopefully I'll find the time again to participate in "Caege Renaissance" again and drag some other Elf players along.

More pictures of the last Caege can be found here

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Vince said...

Kijkt gij nog eens achter dieje hi-res pic van 't Bloedsteenteam?? :-)