Monday, May 11, 2009

Saga was great

Back from Saga and I must say it was a great one for me.
I had just little dark looks due to what happened last week so I had little difficulty enjoying myself.
As I was NPC-ing I got a role handed by the team, and what a role it was. I was able to play the father of my late character, this allowed me to feel how it would've turned out for my former character (if he wasn't turned undead at the previous event).
It really felt good to hear IC from all the players how well Hakeem (my former character) was liked by them. I heard stories that I myself had forgotten.

As is always the case with Saga the game area was again well transformed into a nice IC area. They really surpassed themselves in the decoration of the local 'inn'.

Here's a picture my good friend Vince took of me at Saga (I'm on the right :-) )

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Bossie said...

At your service Mr Hakeem :)