Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mini Manticore was super

Beginning June (5th-7th) gave us a mini Manticore event.
As readers of this blog know I quit volunteering for Oneiros vzw, this also means that I will no longer officially work for Manticore (since it's still a project run under Oneiros vzw). This was for me the first event where I no longer run the show (officially). It was a bit awkward, but I also enjoyed it immensely.
The event itself was well liked by everybody and the food I prepared (together with Michaƫl) was well tasted.
It was also the first event where I was a full blown Knight of the Order of the Black Crow. This is an Order of Knights who have a kind of elite status, only the Empress can command them or ask them for clarifications. I've always refused to play one because at those times I didn't feel sure enough to play them right. Such a person must show that he is the Law, (except for the Empress and the Gods) nobody stands above him. So now I played one and I hope I did it well. I know I still need to work on some of my roleplaying skills for this character, but all in all I think it went well.
Below is a picture of me as Knight Maurice de Beauville of the Order of the Black Crow, while looking angry at a Knight of the Order of the Twelfth Moon.

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