Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Avatar is almost there

People reading this blog remember that last year I was not that a huge fan of Avatar. Well, nothing has really changed. But I'm again going this year. Reason is that this year Arrowhead Events is supporting one of the many player factions.

Now that I've been in the middle of faction organising I have gained a lot of extra respect for those who've been doing it for years.

Since Avatar is an expensive game (if you compare the return on investments it is very expensive) each faction has to juggle their budget in order to make Avatar not to over-expensive. I've learned that e.g. a simple bar is more a money making machine for Avatar itself. Where the faction actually has to pay for the infrastructure in order to sell drinks (where a lot of the profits go to Avatar).

Hmm, seems I'm not that really positive about Avatar :-/

Anyway, almost all my larp friends go to Avatar and that's the other reason why I'm going. But depending on how the game turns out it might be my last Avatar. This year I'm not going to Conquest of Mythodea, which I deeply regret, so I'll probably switch next year in order to attend Conquest of Mythodea.

As I'm sure that there are other who love Avatar, please leave a comment with your Avatar experience. I'm always open to discussion :-)

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