Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last weekend was Conquest of Mythodea and some of my friends went their. It seems I missed great game. This was the first in three years that I didn't attend Conquest and I'm really wondering if Avatar was worth it to miss out on Conquest.

I have one big dilemma and that is that I'm having less time to play all the larps I want.

If I would only think about myself I would go to Conquest next year and skip Avatar. Avatar is nice and I have a lot of friends playing there (plus the organisation I preside runs a faction there), but Conquest is a total different league. And in my opinion so much better than Avatar. At Conquest they 3000+ participants, 800+ NPCs, toilets running on water, great atmosphere, awesome costumes and much more.

What would you choose if you can only do one of the summer larps. Avatar, Conquest or something else? Let me know in the comments.

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Vince said...

Ik beloof al 5 jaar om mee te gaan naar Avatar en totnogtoe niks nada noppes (vooral door werk).

Misschien volgend jaar Conquest?