Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dragonbane II

While pondering about Dragonbane I posted on Facebook that I'd love to get some idea if there would ever come a Dragonbane II. One of the former team-members of Dragonbane then posted that I'd probably had to do it myself if I wanted a DBII.

Since I'm never scared to take up a challenge I'm asking you: "Would you be willing to travel all the way to the middle of Sweden to spent a week (5-6 days) in the middle of nowhere and larp like you've never larped before?"

If the answer is yes, then let me know. If I get around 50 serious commitments I'll start working on a possible Dragonbane II. BUT, be aware that it will take at least 2 to 3 years to organise such an event.

First we need to get permission to re-use existing DB material, next we'll need access to the site, then we'll need to know the state of the village is (last I heard it was rather bad), we'll need money to fix the village and most importantly: we need crazy people like you and me to go there and fix the village.

So if you're fed up with me telling you how GREAT Dragonbane was and how it's still, to this date, the BEST LARP EVER, then let yourself be heard and let me know you're committing to attending DBII (whenever it may take place).

PS: if you're not sure you'll be going to Sweden for a Larp then DON'T commit!


Elge Larsson said...

No, do not repeat not plan for something in a couple of years, that's what I and Coffe tried but it was impossible to keep up the motivation that long. The village is probably not in too bad shape (it's well built), so just get a lot of people together and whip up a simple larp story and just GO there!

The land owners have long threatened to burn down the thing if nothing happens but I suppose they don't have the heart for it. They just keep hoping...

Talk with Morgan, he's dreaming like you are, together I'm sure you can make something happen there next summer.


Jeremy said...

Hi Elge,
my main problem is that I'm already fully booked next year.
I'll also need some time to get all these Belgian larpers excited and crazy enough to go to Sweden for a larp :-)

But I'll get in contact with Morgan.
I'll post all news about this on this blog and link to it on facebook.

best regards,

Vince said...

"Would you be willing to travel all the way to the middle of Sweden to spent a week (5-6 days) in the middle of nowhere and larp like you've never larped before?"


Volgrand said...

Hello. Im Manuel, I was an spanish volunteer in the first dragonbane project. (In fact my sister and I formed the WALL TEAM that builded almost all the walls in cinderhill). Also I was Äke, the tamer bard (the guy with the ocarina and the drums).

My answer to that is...


Unfortunatly my student days have ended, so I have more difficulties to spend (as I did) almost 2 months on participating in full time to make it all possible.

but if you do it, count with all the help I can provide.

Jeremy said...

Hi Manuel, good to hear from you.
In July I'll do a roadtrip in Sweden and I plan to check in on Cinderhill.
If it looks good to go I'll see what needs to be done to have a Dragonbane II.
It can of course be a different larp (e.g. Banapsis project I'm working on)

But I'll keep everybody posted in this blog.

Have great 2010,