Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Last weekend was the last larp of the year for me: Manticore X.VI.II - Stilte voor de storm II.

As two of the team just became fathers we made this a so called 'mini' event. This meant less plot, less time etc. This to put less pressure on the team.

In the end we delivered what we promised. But while some thought it was again a great event, others, mostly new players, thought it lacked something.

For us as a crew it was an exhaustive event as we were undermanned for this one. We even had the ill luck that one of the team had an accident the day before the event and his knee was wrecked and thus could not attend the event. Michaƫl, best of luck with the healing of the knee.

Given the circumstances I think the event was good, we only need to make certain that we always foresee (and use) something for the new players.

As Vincent already told most people: we can use more people in the Manticore team. We can not keep up delivering good events with the current amount of people, we need fresh blood :-)

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