Monday, January 04, 2010

2009 is gone

Well 2009 is forever gone and will only be kept alive in our memories.
For me 2009 had some ups and downs on the larp scene.
Main downturn was of course the fact that I resigned as a volunteer of Oneiros. I didn't like having to take that decission, but in the end I believe it was needed.
The biggest upturn was for me Calam II. After the mixed result of Calam I some people told me that Calam was lost beyond recovery. Since I'm hard-headed I went along and organised Calam II (with a whole new crew). Although there were not a much participants as at Calam I it still was a big success. Now I just have to confirm this success with Calam III.
Between my big up and down were other things of course; 2 mini Manticores, Avatar, Saga and of course the excellent Outlore.
For me Outlore gives me the closest opportunity to experience how Calam might feel to our participants. Both Outlore and Calam have self-cooking, high costume standards, quick and easy game system, etc. The story is of course different and the game areas are somewhat different, but in spirit they feel the same. Only pity is that I need to go all the way to the South-West of the UK for Outlore.
All in all 2009 was a good year for me on the larp scene.
For 2010 I have the following on my plate: Manticore (ending the current cycle), Calam III (needs to at least be as good as Calam II), trip to Sweden to check out Cinderhill for a possible Dragonbane II, Conquest of Mythodea, Saga and Dawn.
You'll notice that Avatar is missing from the list, well I'm not sure if I'll attend it this year. While I do understand why people like it, it's just not my thing.

Anyway, best wishes to all of you for 2010 and hope you'll make it a blast.

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Vince said...

Since I'm not posting this thing on my blog:

LARP 2010 will probably be:
*Manticore: 2 main events; maybe 1 mini: ending current cycle :-)

*Poort: if there is a reboot I might go and play there as a barbarian (fun & booze)

*Dawn: probably as an NPC

*Calam III: maybe as an NPC

That's about it!